It's a great day for you. You finally found the best gift to give her on that very special day. A handcrafted ring that will show the world who she is. There's just one problem, you don't know what her ring size is. In this blog edition, we'll help you solve this dilemma without spoiling the surprise. 

There are several ways to secretly know what her ring size is and you will be surprised how easy it can be. Here are a couple of tips for you. 

1. Ask her girlfriends. For sure a couple of her friends are well aware of her ring size. Choose her closest friends, the ones she hangs out and goes shopping with most of the time. They will gladly help you get the exact ring size for you. Plus, they will be glad to help you set the surprise. 

2. Borrow one of her rings. She must have a collection of rings you may have access to. You can borrow one of them secretly while she's out. On a paper, trace the outside and inside diameter of the ring. Safely return it back where you borrowed it. Or you can always bring it to a jewelry shop for sizing.

We have a few more tips for you.

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