characteristic of goldCharacteristics of Gold

The native gold we know of is classified as an element and a mineral. Gold is exceptionally valued by men mainly because of its eye-catching color, potential to deal with tarnish, and its other useful distinctive qualities. Gold is hard to find however proves useful in many industries, these qualities are all contributory to the demand of gold and thus its high value in the market.

Gold are mineral deposits forced up from the earth's core through volcanic eruptions and distributed through the flow of lava. Gold is then deposited in fissures and cracks near the earth's surface. 

Traces of gold can be found just about everywhere. However, large deposits of gold can be found only in few locations throughout the globe. There are around 20 varieties of gold as recorded, all of them are hard to find and quite rare.

Because of its shiny yellow characteristics, gold got its name from "geolo", an Anglo-Saxon term that means yellow. In the periodic table, you will find gold with the symbol Au which means "Aurum", a Latin word that mean gold. 

  • Gold is soft by nature. When compared to a fingernail, it is slightly harder, but soft when compared to a glass.
  • Gold is significantly heavy. Gold would weigh 19 times more than water and may be twice as heavy as lead. If a milk carton is filled with gold, it could possibly weigh up to 19. 3 kgs, while the same volume of milk in the carton would weigh 1 kg.
  • Gold is both ductile and malleable. Like the majority of metals, gold can be hammered into thin sheets or drawn out to thin wires. This characteristic of gold has made it among the most in demand metal for a comprehensive portfolio of purposes, like in jewelry making and electronics. An example of gold beaten into thin sheet is the gold leaf. This thin sheet of gold are used to create letterings for school honour rolls, or for incorporating gold in picture frames along with other decorations.
  • Gold is metal. Gold is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.

Gold is among the favorite metals in jewelry making because of its characteristics stated above. Gold is also a very good investment that is why more and more people favor purchasing gold jewelries.