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The factors that determine diamond quality is cut, color, clarity, and the carat weight or what is known as the 4 Cs. In this post we are going to cover Diamond Cut. This factor greatly impacts the price of a diamond.

Diamond Cut

The precision of the cut determines how much brilliance you will get from a diamond. Different cuts have differing numbers and facets that give the diamond its sparkle. Facets are like reflective surfaces that shine light through the diamond.

A diamond cut that has the right proportions are tagged good to excellent. These cuts present more value than those that are cut too shallow or too deep.

Various diamond cuts

Round Brilliant Cut. This is the most popular cut for engagement rings. The cut suits all hand types, and it has a lot of lovely brilliance because of its 57 facets. 
The Oval Cut. This shape is a variant of the Round Brilliant cut so it likewise gives a lot of brilliance and sparkle. This kind of diamond cut fits petite hands a little better.

The Pear Cut. A really feminine cut and just like the oval cut, these diamonds are great with petite hands. With its pointed end, it 

brings out an effect of elongating the fingers. 

The Cushion Cut has an antique style that has gained favor in recent years. It has a nice combination of a precise modern cut, however, brings out an air of antiquity. 

The Emerald Cut has a very traditional style. It's got long clean lines that results to deep shine contrasting a brighter sparkle. Emerald cut suits hands that are quite large and with long fingers.

The cut is the first "C" in the 4Cs of diamond quality. In our succeeding posts, we are going to cover the other Cs which are the color, carat weight, and clarity.