Turquoise is the third birthstone for December and like Zircon it is also among the oldest stones in the world. It is a blue-green stone which is normally used as jewelry, decoration, trinkets, amulets, and statues. In the past, it is used by kings, warriors, and shamans as a form of protection and to give them good fortune. Others like Native Americans, Persians, Aztecs, Chinese, Egyptians, and Incas, for them it is something sacred for it does not only give them a good fortune but also luck and power. People from these different countries use turquoise in different ways. For instance, Egyptians use it to decorate a Tutankhamun’s death mask, Native Americans used it as adorn burial sites and jewelry and as for Aztecs, they use it to create mosaic masks.

This gemstone symbolizes power, wisdom, luck, protection, and immortality. People in ancient times like warriors think that when you adorn your horse with turquoise, you and your horse will be protected from danger. For travelers, they use it to protect themselves from thieves, losing an item, getting attacked by others and more which is as well applicable for animal lovers particularly for those who have pets. And as for people who own or work in a company, decorating your workplace can bring leadership, help in making wise decisions and initiate good communication. This gemstone gives you a wide understanding and wisdom to help you make the right choice in your life and helps develop your personal being.