About the jeweler


Hello! I'm Trang Dai Nguyen, the jeweler behind TDN Creations. 

I’ve always been a creative person, trying out all kind of crafts from an early age (painting on silk, sewing cute felt creatures, sculpting polymer clay...). and I love to experiment with different materials and techniques.

After completing a Master’s Degree in management and foreign languages, I was going to settle for an office job in the corporate world. However, my creative side never left me. And after a while, I just couldn’t see myself working at a desk for the next 35 years.

One day, a friend asked me to make her a pendant out of polymer clay. That’s how I started making jewelry and I loved it! I also saw a great opportunity to start my own business, doing what I loved to do!

I researched the internet to see how I could take my technical skills to the next level and found EMSOM, a school in Montreal that had a full time jewelry making program of more than 1800 hours. That was perfect for me!

I quit my day job when I began the jewelry courses, and by the time I graduated, I had opened an Etsy shop to sell my first creations.

TDN Creations is now a small team of 3 and we love to serve our customers with new and interesting designs that will help them show the world who they really are!