Solid gold climbing knot ring, tied and dressed double figure 8 knot, thick gauge

US$ 425.00

If you are looking for a nice alternative to the classic diamond engagement ring, This solid gold climbing knot ring is the perfect ring for you!

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This solid gold double climbing knot tied and dressed ring is a beautiful symbol of love! 
It's a great alternative to the conventional diamond engagement ring. 
This very feminine ring is a perfect gift for her! 
I made this ring with 1.2mm solid gold wire. 
I have soldered the 2 bands together for strength and durability and polished the entire ring to a bright shine, but if you prefer it matte, just let me know!

The last picture shows the difference between a 1mm thick ring and a 1.2mm thick ring.

+++ Materials +++
solid gold, yellow, rose or white gold 

+++Dimensions +++ 

1.2mm thick wire 
the band is 2.4mm wide and 1.2mm thick.

+++ Finish +++ 
bright shine or matte